You may add questions to your quiz immediately after creating the quiz, or you may return at a later time to enter the questions.  You can choose from three different question/answer formats:


Multiple Choice (up to 4 responses)




The Wizard will prompt you to enter each question:


1.Select the type of question format from the drop-down box.

2.Press Next.

3.Enter the question in the text box.

4.If the format is Multiple Choice, enter a different answer in each of the four text boxes (one of which must be the correct answer).

5.Select the correct answer from the drop-down box:



6.Press Save.

7.Continue with the next question, repeating steps 1 to 6 until all questions are complete.  The quiz will then be in “draft” status.  Draft quizzes may be edited or deleted.


If you are unable to enter all questions when the quiz is initially created, or if you would like to complete the quiz at a later time, exit the Quiz Center.  The quiz will be in draft status, and you can return to the draft quiz later to complete or edit the questions.