You may create a larger “pool” of questions for a quiz from which you may select specific questions to be administered in a quiz. This enables you to periodically vary the questions assigned to a quiz. You may also let the system randomly select questions from the question pool each time a user takes a quiz. You may add up to 100 questions for a single quiz.



1.On the Quiz Center screen, click Create Quiz:



2.The Wizard screen will be displayed:



3.Enter the quiz name in the Quiz Title field.

4.Enter the total number of questions available for the quiz.

5.Press Next to continue to the next screen:



6.Select the total number of questions to appear on the quiz.

7.Press Save to proceed to the next screen:

8.Select the number of questions that the user must answer correctly to pass the quiz.

9.Press Save to proceed:

10.Click Yes if you want the system to randomly assign questions to each quiz, or click No if you prefer to assign specific questions manually to the quiz.



11.Press Save to complete the Quiz Wizard.  You may then continue to add quiz questions, or you can return to the Quiz Center.