Simply publishing policies and asking employees to read and acknowledge them does not guarantee that the policies will be fully understood or followed as intended.  Policy quizzes provide a useful diagnostic tool to assess users’ understanding of the policies. 


DynamicPolicy™ does not require every policy to have a quiz.  Your company may create policy quizzes based on your particular needs.  Critical policies, such as safety-related policies and procedures, can benefit from quizzes, while employee acknowledgements may be sufficient for other policies.  Quizzes may also be helpful as feedback vehicles to evaluate whether a policy is clear and understandable.


When a user reads and accepts a policy that has a quiz assigned to it, the user must take the quiz and pass with an acceptable score to complete the policy acceptance process.  If a user does not pass the quiz, he/she may review the policy again, and retake the quiz until he/she achieves a passing score.


DynamicPolicy™ records and retains the users’ quiz results, including scores and individual responses to questions.  Users with access to the Reports feature may generate reports on quiz status and results.


You can develop and add quizzes for any policy in Draft, Review, or Published stages. The following steps describe how to create, edit, copy, and delete quizzes, and how to assign quizzes to your policies


To manage quizzes, click the Management tab and select the Quiz Center. The following sections describe the steps to create, add and assign quizzes to policies.