You may create customized fields in DynamicPolicy™ that can be added to a document to categorize it for later retrieval or reporting.  Customized fields may be used to search for documents when generating reports.   


To create a new customized field, follow these steps:


Note: Three types of fields may be selected: Multiple (Value), Text (Free Text), Date.


1.Go to the Management | Policy Center screen.

2.In the Navigation section select Field Center.

3.On the Field Center, select Add Field:



4.The Field Center screen will display:



5.Enter the name of the new field, then press Save.

6.Enter valid values for the field in the space provided, then press Save:



7.When the field is saved, it will appear as a Draft Field.



8.Click on the draft field name to edit and assign it.  You may modify or delete the field values, change the owner of the field, or finish it (assign it).



9.When you select Finish, the field status will change from “Draft” to “Assigned.” Once assigned, you may use the field to categorize policy documents.