At times it may be necessary to add, change or delete an audience group for a published policy, even though the policy itself does not change. DynamicPolicy™ allows you to change the audience in published documents without changing the document version number.  Any changes to the audience designation are recorded in the document audit trail.


Follow these steps to change the audience of a published document:


1.Go to the Management | Policy Center screen.

2.In the Published Policies section, click the title of the policy to be modified.

3.On the policy page, in the Tools section, under Properties, click the more link. The Properties window displays:



4.Click the number link to the right of Audience. The Audience window displays:



5.Click the Edit link to open the Select Group window:



6.Add a new audience by selecting a group from the drop-down list and pressing the ”+” button.  To delete an audience group, select the group from the drop-down list and press the ““ button.

7.Press Save after making changes.