Policy owners may reassign ownership of documents to another system user.  Owners may do so when their responsibilities change, or if they need to delegate responsibility to another person to manage or revise a policy.


If a policy owner leaves the company or if their User Name is deleted (inactive), the system Admin automatically becomes the owner of any policies owned by that user.  The Admin may then reassign ownership to another user.


Owners of unpublished policies (policies in the draft or review, stages) may reassign policy ownership to another user at any time before the policy is published.  To assign a new owner to an unpublished policy, an owner must follow these steps:


1.Go to the Management | Policy Center screen.

2.Select the policy for which ownership will change, from under the Draft or Review sections of the screen.

3.On the Policy edit screen, under Tools Menu | Properties, click the more link. 

4.In the General Properties box, click the name of the Owner. A box with the owner’s name will display:



5.Click the Change Owner link.  A box with a drop-down list of user names will display:



6.Select the name of the user who will be the new owner of the policy, and press OK. The change will be confirmed. Owners must have Management permission to appear in the change owner drop-down list:



To reassign ownership of a Published policy, an owner must follow these steps:


1.Go to the Management | Policy Center screen.

2.In the Published Policies section, click the title of the policy to be modified.

3.On the Policy edit screen, click the Draft link in the Cycle section to move the policy to Draft status for editing.  A window displays entitled “Send to Draft.”

4.Select the User Name of the new owner from the drop-down list:



5.Press OK. The new Owner will be displayed, and you will be asked if you want to send to Draft.

6.Press OK to send to Draft:



7.If no revisions are immediately needed, publish the policy.  The policy, under the new owner, will replace the original published policy document.