Executives and senior management in every company need efficient ways to communicate their strategic expectations to employees and related business parties.  One way of communicating those expectations is with written policies and procedures, which are often distributed via printed manuals or binders.  Development, maintenance, and dissemination of corporate policies and procedures are important but labor-intensive tasks for large organizations.

To be effective, policy development and maintenance must follow a life-cycle model.  Policies must be created, reviewed, approved, and distributed, and then must be modified when changes occur.  Employees and other users of the policies must acknowledge, read, and comply with them. 

Policy management should include communication processes that link policy users and policy creators, enabling users to submit comments, amendments, additions and approvals for policies.  The most common way to ensure that feedback occurs is through extensive training and tests.  Management also needs periodic reports to assess employees’ understanding of company policies, so they can identify those which may need to be clarified or otherwise improved.

Corporate policies and procedures form the basic foundation for any company’s operations.  Effective policies may help secure resources but, most importantly, they provide a documented standard to guide employees’ actions.  While policy enforcement and compliance is a challenge for any company, it is particularly cumbersome for management and employees alike when policies are distributed only in printed form. Zequel Technologies has developed a solution that enhances the creation and enforcement process for corporate policies, standards, and procedures.

The Solution: DynamicPolicy™

DynamicPolicy™ is a web-based solution that includes templates and wizards to help companies manage the entire policy life cycle.


As a policy content management provider, Zequel® has paid detailed attention to the requirements of companies that need to implement and enforce policies, procedures and standards among its employees. 


The following Policy Management Cycle illustrates the steps that DynamicPolicy™ provides to enable users to effectively and efficiently create and maintain corporate policies according to international standards:


DynamicPolicy™ is a web-based application that enables companies to manage and automate the complete cycle of creation, distribution, publication, education and enforcement of internal corporate policies, procedures and standards.