A critical element of the policy management process is maintaining and updating policies and their documentation to address changes in the business environment that may affect your company’s operating policies. DynamicPolicy™ supports you with easy-to-use features to keep your policies current.  Existing published policies may be updated and re-published, tracking the changes, and notifying employees if it is necessary for them to review and accept the modified policies.


Follow these steps to modify an existing policy:


1.Go to the Management | Policy Center screen.

2.In the Published Policies section, click the title of the policy to be modified.

3.On the Policy edit screen, click the Draft link in the Cycle section to move the policy to Draft status for editing.

4.When asked if you want to send to Draft, click OK.


You can then access the draft policy in the Draft Policies section of the Policy Center screen. Follow the instructions in the Creating policies and procedures section of this manual to continue with the editing, review, and approval processes.