Creating document templates provides the capability to enforce standard formats and content elements for policy documents. Follow these steps to create a new template:


1.Access the Template Center from the Management | Policies tab. On the Management | Policies tab, click Template Center under the Navigation section:



2.The Template Center page displays:



3.In the Template Center, click Create Template.

4.Enter the name of the new template and press Save:



5.After saving the template, you may immediately edit the template, or can return to the template to edit it later.  The template will be in draft form.

6.To edit the template, use the word processing features in the editor to format headings and sections of the document.  You may copy external documents into the template to provide a model format. Additionally, by clicking Import you may import word documents.

7.When you have completed entering the template, press Save to save it as a draft template, or click Finish to finalize the template and save it as an assigned template:



8.When you finish the template, you will be prompted to assign the template to a group of users.  Select the group from the drop-down list that should use the template, press the + button, then press Close.



9.Users to whom the template is assigned will be prompted to select the template when they create a new document:



10.The template will then appear in the edit panel of the new document draft so the user can edit it and add content in the prescribed format.