Designated policy reviewers and approvers will be able to access documents that require their action in the Policy Center when they log on to DynamicPolicy™. Similarly, end users will see pending policies on the Policies screen.


However, policy Owners can also directly distribute documents requiring action to end users, reviewers, and approvers by sending them a document link. 


Owners can send document links by following these steps:


1.Go to the Management | Policy Center screen.

2.Click the title of the policy to be distributed.

3.On the Policy edit screen, click more under Properties. The Property window opens.

4.Click the name of the group to whom the policy is to be distributed.  The user names for the group will display in a new window.

5.To send the document link to all users in the list, click the Send link. Your default e-mail program will launch, creating a new e-mail document.  The user e-mail addresses will display in the “To:” line and the policy title and document ID will appear in the “Subject” line.

6.If you want to send the link to only a subset of users, select the individuals to receive the e-mail, and click the Refresh link.  When the window refreshes, only those user names selected will appear.

7.Press Send to compose an e-mail to send the link to the selected users.

8.In the window displaying the list of user names, click the Back link until you return to the General Properties window.

9.To copy the document link for the policy, click the Document ID link. The link displays in a new window:



10.Click once on the URL link in the box to select it. 

11.Press CTRL+C to copy the URL link. 

12.Position the cursor in the message box of the e-mail window. 

13.Select Edit | Paste to copy the link into the e-mail message.

14.Complete the e-mail message as desired, and send to the selected users.  They will be able to access the policy document directly from the link.