When members of the group designated to approve the policy log on and go to the Policy Center, any policies awaiting their approval will be listed under the Approve Policies section.  Approvers will follow these steps to approve the policy:


1.Go to the Management | Policy Center screen.

2.In the Approve Policies section, click the title of the policy to be approved.

3.On the Policy edit screen, scroll to the bottom of the policy.

4.You may enter comments regarding the policy in the Comments text box.  Comments may be seen by the document owner, and other approvers (if the owner has set the option in document Properties for others to be able to see approval comments):



5.Under the Approval section, press Yes or No after Approval to indicate approval or disapproval.


Approval responses will be displayed at the bottom of the Policy edit screen until the policy is published.  The approver responses are displayed at the bottom of the policy document with the approver’s User Name and date/time stamp.


The approver’s comments can also be viewed from the Properties section:


1.Select more under Properties.

2.Click the View link next to Approval by.


All approver responses are displayed in a new window: