The system administrator should set up User IDs for individuals who are responsible for policy review, providing them access to the Policy Center on the Management tab.  Reviewers are normally individuals or groups different from the policy owner or creator.  The following steps apply to individuals who review policies:


1.Go to the Management | Policy Center screen.

2.In the Review Policies section, select a policy pending for your review, and click on its title.

3.Read all parts of the policy on the policy screen (Objective, Scope, and Policy).

4.To add comments or suggestions for changes, click the Review link and enter comments in the text area.

5.Press Save when you finish editing or adding comments.


The review comments are displayed at the bottom of the policy document with the reviewer’s User Name and date/time stamp.

The reviewer comments can also be viewed from the Properties section:


1.Select more under Properties.

2.Click the View link next to Review by.


All reviewer comments are displayed in a new window.  Comments may be sorted by user name or date:



The document owner can check the list of documents in the Review Center to find out whether all reviewers have reviewed the document before promoting it to the Approval stage. To view a Review document’s status, follow these steps:


1.Go to the Management | Policy Center screen.

2.In the Navigation section, click Review Policy. The Review Center screen displays with a list of the documents on the review.  If the box to the left of a document name is blank, not all reviewers have completed their review of it. If there is a green box with a check mark to the left of a document name, all reviewers have completed their review:



Additionally, document owners may also check the review or approval status in the document Properties by clicking on the number of reviews for the stage. A box displaying the review status and e-mail notification status will display:



To send a reminder e-mail to reviewers to remind them to take action, click the Send reminder link. DynamicPolicy™ will send an e-mail message to the reviewers for that policy.