DynamicPolicy™ provides document audit trails showing key milestone dates in the policy development life cycle, and retaining records of reviewer and approver comments for Published policies. 


To view a document’s audit trails, select a Published policy from the Policy Center screen.  From the Policy edit screen, select more from the Properties section.  The Properties window displays dates that the policy was drafted, reviewed, approved and published. Click the View links to see reviewer and approver comments.


Additionally, you may view a document’s detailed audit trail at any time during the policy development cycle by viewing the Audit Trail option in Properties.  This option allows you to view a log of all changes made to the document.  This includes changes to the document’s owner, addition of a quiz, and changes in audiences or review or approval groups.



To view the document audit trail:


1.From the policy screen, click the more link under the Tools Menu | Properties section.  The Properties window will display.

2.On the Properties window, click the Audit Trail link.  The document audit trail will display: