Exporting content allows you to create and make available policy documents and templates for other DynamicPolicy™ users.  This is one way for organizations to establish a standard structure for their policies and to make it available as a template.  Policy authors can then import the template and create new company policies in a standard format. 


Content development organizations can create policy content to license to DynamicPolicy™ customers. DynamicPolicy™ allows content developers to add license controls to content to manage access to fee-based, copyrighted, or other content requiring restrictions.


Follow these steps to export content:


1.On the Management | Policy Center screen, under the Content Menu, click Table of Contents.

2.On the Table of Contents, click Export to select the policies to export:



3.On the Table of Contents Export screen, indicate whether you wish to license the content or not. If applicable, provide Copyright information in the space provided. Then press Next:



4.After the export is complete, the system will prompt you to save the content to a file.  Select a directory folder, give the content a file name (the default is the name from the Table of Contents), and press Save:



5.The content may now be imported by other users by going to the Content Menu, and selecting Add Content.