You may add new content by importing externally developed licensed content to DynamicPolicy™. First, you will need to ensure that appropriate licensing agreements are in place between your organization, the content provider, and Zequel®.


Follow these steps to import externally developed licensed policy content:


Note:  Only files with the file type .zql may be imported.  These files must be created specifically for use in DynamicPolicy™.  See the Export content section for details on creating .zql files.


1.Go to Management | Policy Center.

2.Under the Content Menu at the right of the page, click Add Content:



3.On the Wizard screen, click Import. The Select Template screen will appear:



4.Press Browse to select a file to import.

5.Select a file to import, and press Open.

6.Press Save to import the content:



7.A message indicating the policy has been uploaded will appear. Press Finish to complete the import process.  The content will then be imported and saved from the templates. If the content is not license-controlled, the content will be imported and will be available immediately:



8.On the page Wizard – Select a Template for the Table of Contents, along with the policies if applicable and press Next (you will then be prompted to select which sections and policies you wish to import into the application: