DynamicPolicy™ provides the capability to supplement your policy documents with supporting file attachments, links to other policies within DynamicPolicy™, graphics and hyperlinks to related content on your intranet or external websites. Follow these steps to add file attachments:


Note:  DynamicPolicy™ supports the following standard file attachments:
.123, .PRZ, .doc, .rtf, .gif, .tif, .jpg, .txt, .htm, .vsd, .lwp, .xls, .pdf, .zip, .ppt, .xlsx, .xlsm, .pptx, .docx, .docm


1.On the Edit menu screen, under the Attachments section, click Add.

2.Select Upload file.

3.Press Next:



4.Press Browse to select a file to add:



5.Press Send.

6.Follow the prompt to insert/attach the file to the document. The attachment will appear at the bottom of the policy document.