You can import Word or PDF documents to meet your company’s policy needs.


1.From the Content Menu on the Policy Center screen, click Add Document.

2.Enter the name of the new document in the Document Title field.

3.In the Select Section drop-down box, select the section (of the Table of Contents) where the new document will reside.

4.Press Next to return to the Policy Center. The Saving New Document screen will confirm that your document has been saved, and will provide the document name, ID, and Version.

5.Click Draft to begin editing the new policy.  The list of draft policies will be displayed.

6.Click Edit - Word to begin importing (skip previous steps for existing documents). A new screen will be displayed:



7.Then select the way you want to import the document:

8.Drag and Drop the file.



9.Click on Click here and select the file you want to import.

10.A preview of the document will be displayed:



11.Click save changes if you are satisfied with the document (Document will not be saved until button clicked). Otherwise, click Cancel or Upload Again.

12.After the document is saved, it will be displayed as a PDF file within a read-only viewer.