The editing capabilities of DynamicPolicy™ have been enhanced to provide you more powerful and easy-to-use word processing capabilities to format your documents. DynamicPolicy™ supports two text editors: standard HTML editor by default and Microsoft Word. These editors provide intuitive formatting and document creation with a toolbar on the document Edit screen for one-click formatting. These editors provide you the following word processing tools and options:


Spell-checking (not available under the standard HTML editor)

Support of Microsoft Word documents as native documents

Capability to import Word documents (using Import in Word, or copy and paste), retaining styles and formatting

Inserting and uploading images

Creating links to web pages

Creating and editing tables, including insertion of rows, columns and cells, and splitting and merging of cells

Internet Explorer support

Standard font formatting

The ability to create bulleted and numbered lists

The ability to view document text in HTML and to edit HTML code


When editing a policy, you may choose the document editor you prefer by clicking the link for either “Edit” (HTML editor) or “Edit - Word” (Microsoft Word).