DynamicPolicy™ provides the capability to move or delete sections, and to edit section names within the Table of Contents.  This enables you to reorganize and restructure your policies as business needs dictate.  Follow these steps to edit, delete, or move a section:


1.From the Content Menu on the Policy Center screen, click Table of Contents. The current Table of Contents screen will be displayed.

2.Select the section title you wish to move, delete or edit:



3.Click the Options link next to the section title.  The Table of Contents options box displays:



4.Select Edit to rename the section.  You will be prompted to enter the new section name, or

5.Select New Section to create a new section.  The system will prompt you to enter a new section name.

6.Select Move to move the section to another location in the Table of Contents. Then, select the name of the destination section. Press Save to complete the move:



7.Select Delete to delete the section.  The system will warn you if the section is not empty and cannot be deleted (Only empty sections can be deleted from the Table of Contents):



8.Select Security to change the permissions by section (folder):