As you create and modify documents, the information on the main view of the Policy Center screen will reflect the status of your policies by displaying them in the appropriate sections:


Draft: Contains documents in draft stage, and may only be edited by the policy author/owner.

Review: Displays policies currently being reviewed.  Reviewers may provide comments to the policy author/owner.

Approval: Lists policies currently pending approval.

Published:  Shows documents that have been approved and are available to company employees to whom they are targeted.


In each section, you may sort policies by date or title by pressing the (ascending) or (descending) buttons under the section title bar.


The right side of the Policy Center screen provides functionality in the following sections:


Navigation enables you to navigate to the Management Center, or to separate pages listing policies in the Draft, Review, Approve, and Published stages.

Content Menu provides the ability to create and edit the Table of Contents, add content, add documents, add templates, add workflows, add field, and view content.

Search allows you to search for documents in the policy database (active and inactive).

Policy Center provides a count of the number of documents in each policy stage.