To configure Windows Integrated Authentication (see DynamicPolicy™ configuration file settings above), follow these steps:


1.Open the configuration.php located under X:\Zequel\www\config and set the value of the PASS_THROUGH parameter to Y

define("PASS_THROUGH", "Y"); // Pass-through authentication method


2.Change the security settings of IIS to Windows Integrated Authentication for the DynamicPolicy site and disabled the IIS Guest account.


The following steps will allow using Word under Windows Integrated Authentication:


1.Create a new site in Internet Information Manager pointing to X:\Zequel\www\word_passthrough.  This is the site that will receive the word files for the application. This site needs to run under the IIS Guest account since the ActiveX will not be able to pass any credentials. This site will not be accessed by users. The site could be given any name (for example: DP_word). The site needs to have php enabled and the Guest account needs to have permission over the file folder within word_passthrough to write, read and modify (this last one to allow the deletion of files).

2.Open the new configuration.php file located under X:\Zequel\www\word_passthrough and change the parameter DB_PATH to point to the correct database.

3.Open the old configuration.php located under X:\Zequel\www\config and add the following line at the end of the file:

define("PASS_THROUGH_URL", "myURL_under_step2"); //URL for Word under pass-through

Where “myURL_under_step 2” is the URL of the site created under step # 2. This site could be also set in a different port than 80. For example:

define("PASS_THROUGH_URL", "");