// Zequel Technologies, Inc

// Version #7.0

// Copyright 2002-2019

// configuration.php - Configuration for DynamicPolicy - Default


// Required configuration files

require_once("doc_config.php"); //File to control the default Advanced properties of All documents


define("LANGUAGE", "config/language/language.php"); //Default language file

define("DB_PATH", "localhost"); // database path - supports instance name like localhost\instance_name

define("DB_NAME", "dynamic_policy"); //database name

define("DB_AUTH", "Y"); // enables db_config.php to overwrite default username and password for database connection.

define("DB_TYPE", "MySQL");  // Mysql = 1, Microsoft SQL= 2, New Drivers => MySQL and SQLSRV

define("CHAR_SET", "iso-8859-1"); // character set for browser

define("CONFIG_HEADER", "Y");  // enable header for HTML documents

define("CONFIG_FOOTER", "Y"); // enable footer for HTML documents

define("EXTENSIONS_PATH", "C:\Zequel\php\extensions"); // PHP extensions path

define("SHOW_TEMP_MSG", "Y"); // Show temporary license message

define("SHOW_LOGO_PRINT", "Y"); // Include logo in printer-friendly HTML documents

define("LOGO_PRINT_PATH", "images/logo.gif"); //path for logo for printer-friendly HTML documents

define("EXPORT_CONTENT", "N");  //Control export content capabilities - Except in demo licenses

define("EDITOR_TYPE", "4"); // CKEditor v.4 (2015) = 4, old CKEditor v.2 = 1, Disable Web/HTML editing = 0, (EditLive from Ephox = 2, EditLive for Java = 3 are not longer supported)

define("ANONYMOUS_ALERT", "N"); // Allows to send Anonymous Alert - Default N as of version 6.5

define("ENFORCE_APPROVAL", "Y"); // Enforce approval before publishing - Default Y

define("TOP_LOGO", "N");  //Places logo on top of each page - Width = 710 center

define("PAGE_FOOTER", 'DynamicPolicy - Zequel Technologies, Inc - <a class="footer" href="http://www.zequel.com">www.zequel.com</a> - Copyright 2002-2019'); //Message for footer of each page

define("SUPPORT_LINK", '<a href="mailto:support@zequel.com">support@zequel.com</a>'); // Link to support e-mail - Change for each implementation


//Added in version 3.5

define("DEFAULT_LOCKED_TIME",10); // Number of minutes to block the accounts

define("DB_CONNECTION_TYPE", "1");  // Database connection type - Permanent connection= 1, Regular connection= 2

define("WORD_EDITOR","Y"); // Enable word editor option = Y, Disable = N

define("PRINT_CSS_PATH", "default_css.css"); // Default css file for printer-friendly HTML documents - Default for DP (default_css.css)

define("ALLOW_URL", "Y"); // Enable URL checking to download ActiveX components - Default Y; therefore URL will not be checked


//Added in version 4.0

define("ACTIVE_TEMPLATE", "ResponsiveView"); // Controls the template selected as a view

define("DISPLAY_PAGECREATION", 'N'); // Display number of seconds for the creation of the php page

define("ENCODE_PASSWORD", 'Y'); // Encode password on login


//Documented in version 4.1

define("PUBLIC_VIEW","N"); //Enables Public View - License is required

//EDITLIVE4 was undocumented under version 4.0

define("EDITLIVE4", 'Y'); // Enables EditLive version 4.0 - License is required - This editor has been discontinued


//Added in version 4.1

define("PASS_THROUGH", "N"); // Pass-through authentication method

//define("PASS_THROUGH_URL", "");//URL for Word under pass-through

define("MULTISESSION", "Y"); //Enables support for multisession - Same session used on different IP

define("MASTER_ACCOUNT_ATLOGIN", "N"); //Controls use of master account for login under LDAP - Default 'N' as of 6.5.1


//Added in version 4.2

define("READ_OLD_PENDINGS", "N"); //Read old pending policies


//Added in version 4.5

define("AUDITOR_ACCESS", "N"); // Account Auditor to access all documents (Admin)

define("EDITOR_REVIEWER", "N"); //Allow documents editing by all reviewers.

define("MULTIPLE_LDAP", "N");  // Enables multiple domains support - Default N

define("DROP_DOWN_MULTIPLE_LDAP", "N"); //drop-down multiples domains -Default N

define("ENFORCE_REVIEW", "N");  //Enforce review before approval - Default N

define("FULL_NAME_LOGIN", "N"); //Display full name at login and user selection during document cycle  - Default N

define("HIDE_GROUP_DESCRIPTION", "N"); //Hide group description during document cycle  - Default N

define("ARAB_QUIZ", "N"); // Quizzes for right to left languages - question numbers are displayed on the right-hand side

define("WORD_EDITOR_VISTA","N"); // Enables HTML editor compatible with Vista - recommended


//Added 4.5.2

define("PENDING_POLICY","N"); //Accept policies under the table of contents. Default N

define("MULTIPLE_LICENSE","N"); //Multiple License support for load balancing. Default N


//Added 4.6

define("WORD_EMBEDDED","N"); // Enables Word to be embedded within the browser. Default N (shows Word icon instead - New standard)

define("WORD_PROMPT_DOWNLOAD", "N"); // Allows to force prompt for download for Word documents. Default N (depends of browser and O/S)

define("PDF_PROMPT_DOWNLOAD", "N"); // Allows to force prompt for download for PDF documents. Default N (Content-Disposition: inline or attachment)

define("SHOW_MNGT_TAB", "Y"); // Default Y (Setting to N will remove Management Tab - depends on permissions - works with mngt_login.php)

define("SMTP_TO_MSG_CENTER", "N"); // Allows to send SMTP directly to Message Center under Notification - Default N

define("CUSTOM_DOC_HEADER", "N"); //  Allows to control custom document header - Default N (uses custom_header.tpl and custom_header_mngt.tpl)


// Undocumented before 5.0

//define("SMTP_HTML", "N"); // Setting to control e-mail format type

//define("MS_SEARCH_TYPE", "2"); // Controls the Full Text search type - 1 = Contains; 2 = Freetext - Defaults to 2

define("INACTIVE_COMMENTS","N"); // Allows to enter a comment when a document is set to inactive - Defaults to N

define("PRINTER_FRIENDLY_WIDTH", "100%"); // Undocumented - added under 4.6 to control the width for printer-friendly view


// Added 5.0

define("PRINTER_FRIENDLY_MSG", "N"); // Controls the message for printer-friendly icon under Policies - Default N - Message is displayed on the left

define("TOTAL_POLICIES_BYUSER", "N");// Controls total policies read by user under TOC under Policies Tab - Default Y

define("EDITLIVE_EMBEDDED_CSS", "Y"); // Controls support for embedded CSS under EditLive

define("ALLOW_MNGT_SENDTO_DRAFT", "N"); // Default N - Enables users with management permission to send documents to draft besides the owner and co-owner

define("WORD_VIEWER_CONTROL","N"); // Allows to view document within word viewer control/ActiveX  - Default N

define("REVIEW_COMMENT_LABEL", "Review Comment"); // Allows to change the label for the Review link

define("REVIEW_COMMENT_HEIGHT", "400"); // Allows to change the height for the editor under review comments - defaults to 400 pixels

define("DEFAULT_EDITOR1_HEIGHT", "400"); // Allows to control the default height for the HTML editor type # 1 - defaults to 400 pixels

define("ALLOW_CHANGE_TEMPLATE", "N"); // Controls if template status can be changed while in used - defaults to N


// Added 5.0-B2

define("DENY_COPY_PASTE", "Y"); // Controls Word viewer Copy/Paste option under read-only/policies view - defaults to Y

define("DENY_COPY_PASTE_MNGT", "Y"); // Controls Word viewer Copy/Paste option under management tab - defaults to Y

define("WORD_VIEWER_PRINT", "Y"); // Controls Word viewer Print option under read-only/policies view - defaults to Y

define("HTML_VIEWER_PRINT", "Y"); // Controls HTML viewer Print icon option(Printer-friendly) under read-only/policies view - defaults to Y

define("TITLE_NAME", "DynamicPolicy"); // Controls the initial part of the title in the browser


// Added 5.1

//define("SMTP_FROM", "sender@dynamicpolicy.com"); //Controls the sender of e-mail/SMTP notifications (e-mail value under From). Defaults to undefined - user triggering notification usually the document owner


// Added 5.2

define("MULTIPLE_LDAP_DEFAULT_GROUP", "N"); // Supports default local group population (domain/server name) for Multiple LDAP domains (MULTIPLE_LDAP = Y). Defaults to N

define("MIXED_AUTHENTICATION", "N"); // Supports mixed authentication (local and LDAP) when LDAP/Active Directory is enabled. Defaults to N


// Added 5.3

define("WORD_UPLOAD", "Y"); // Allows to upload a Word document without ActiveX control - Default N (documents are viewed as pdf)

//define("BODY_STYLE", ' '); // Allows to set style (tags) for HTML body including background in the application


// Added 6.0

define("DISPLAY_ERROR_RUNTIME", "N"); // Controls error reporting at runtime - Default N for production servers

// Added 6.0.1

define("IE_MODE", 'IE=edge'); // Set IE Mode if any, like IE=EmulateIE8 or IE=8 or IE=EmulateIE9 - defaults to IE=edge beginning with 6.5 - Use EmulateIE8 for backward compatibility with old HTML editor (EDITOR_TYPE = 1)

define("HTML_FULLPAGE_EDIT", 'N'); // Set HTML Full Page Editing for HTML legacy documents that already include header and styles within their content. Default N

define("LINK_SHARING", 'N'); // Enables sharing link for document - Allows to share link to Public View when PUBLIC_VIEW is enabled. Default N


// Added 6.5

define("PDF_DATABASE_STORAGE", "N"); // Allows to store PDFs in database instead of file server - Default N

define("ACTIVEX_BROWSER_DETECTION", "Y"); // If an editor's browser does NOT support Active-X editor, display document upload screen - WORD_UPLOAD = 'Y' will override this setting. Default Y

define("DISPLAY_APP_FAVICON", "Y"); // Display Favicon for browsers and app icon on supported mobile devices - Default Y

define("DISPLAY_CONSOLE_DEBUG", "N"); // Display Javascript Console Debug Information - Default N

//In order for PDF_JS_DISPLAY to work correctly for ALL BROWSERS - IE_MODE cannot be IE=EmulateIE8. Use IE=EmulateIE9 instead. If this is not set, IE will continue seeing native PDF viewer.

define("PDF_JS_DISPLAY", "Y"); // Display PDFs with PDF.JS Library - Default Y (changed in 6.5.1) (Full Support: FF(Stable), Chrome(Stable), Opera(Stable) | Limited Support: IE 9+, Android(Web Browser > 4.0), Safari(Desktop and Mobile))


//Added 6.5.1

define("FORCE_PDF_JS", "Y"); // Undocumented in version 6.5 - New default is Y to force PDF.JS display. It does not support IE 8

define("PDF_JS_VERSION", "previous"); //Choose pdf.js version branch - Default is "stable" - options are "previous", "stable", and "beta".

define("AD_SYNC_GROUPS_WITHOUT_EMAIL", "Y"); // Defaults Y - N filters out any user account without an email for all groups (ONLY-DU could be used to limit to Domain Users built-in group)


//Added 6.5.2

define("ALLOW_FILE_DOWNLOAD", "N"); // Allows to download Word and/or PDF document from read-only interface - Defaults N

define("ALLOW_FILE_DOWNLOAD_MGMT", "N"); // Allows to download Word and/or PDF document from management view - Defaults N (ONLY-OWNER could be used to limit to only owner and co-owner)


//Added 7.0

define("LOG_DB_ERRORS", "N"); // log DB errors. It creates log text file (db_error_log.txt) in config folder

define("APP_TIMEZONE", "America/New_York"); //set timezone for app, options include: 'America/New_York' (Eastern Time) - 'America/Chicago' (Central Time) - 'America/Denver' (Mountain Time) || 'America/Phoenix' (Mountain Time (no DST)) || 'America/Los_Angeles' (Mountain Time (no DST)) || Full list of timezones: https://secure.php.net/manual/en/timezones.america.php