DynamicPolicy™ provides the option to customize the user interface and certain application functions to meet the needs of your organization. To configure DynamicPolicy™, you may change the default system settings for a range of functions and features by accessing one of the attached configuration files:


WARNING: Create a backup of the system BEFORE editing the configuration files. These files should only be edited by a qualified individual with system administration access. For further information on modifying configuration files, contact support@zequel.com


Note: For changes in the language interface, edit the file corresponding to the language selected:


English: language.en.php 


Spanish: language.es.php


Portuguese: language.pt_br.php


French: language.fr_ca.php


The Name of constant is the system name for a data field. Text is the name of the data field as it appears on the screen. You will be changing only the name of the field as it appears on the screen.



Configuration files are located under C:\Zequel\www\config.