You will need to add a Certificate to Directory Security:


1.Under Administrative Tools, go to Internet Services Manager.

2.Select the site where DynamicPolicy™ is located and go to Properties.

3.Under Directory Security, select Server Certificate.

4.Follow the instructions for the Server Certificate Wizard.

5.Select Create New Certificate and press Next.

6.Select Prepare the Request now, but send it later and press Next.

7.Enter the parameter corresponding to the server, and save the certificate request.


The next step is to obtain a certificate.  Follow these steps:


1.Send the certificate request to a Certificate Authority (CA) such as Verisign, Thawte, Geo Trust, etc.

2.After receiving the certificate, configure it by selecting Server Certificate under Directory Security.

3.Press Edit.

4.Check Require Secure Channel to limit access to DynamicPolicy™ only under “https”.