Advanced Installation



Running DynamicPolicy™ as a Service with MySQL


To run DynamicPolicy™ as a service, you will need to create the my.ini file, move DynamicPolicy™ to a different location, and then create the service.  The following steps describe the action necessary to run DynamicPolicy™ as a service, and also how to remove the services.



Create the file my.ini


The first step in running DynamicPolicy™ as a service is to create a file named my.ini. This file should be located in the same folder that the file php.ini is located (usually under C:\WINNT).


The file my.ini has the following structure:



# set basedir to installation path, e.g., c:\mysql


# set datadir to location of data directory,

# e.g., c:\mysql\data or d:\mydata\data



You can create the file with WordPad or you may request one from



Move DynamicPolicy™ to a different location


Normally, DynamicPolicy™ is installed under C:\Zequel.  The data is located under C:\Zequel\mysql\data.  If this location needs to be changed, follow these steps (otherwise, proceed to the next section, Create the services):


1.Create a folder named Zequel in the desired new location (ex: D:\Zequel).

2.Move the folder named “data” to the new folder (ex: Move C:\Zequel\mysql\data to D:\Zequel\data).

3.Move the folder named “www” to the new folder (ex: Move C:\Zequel\www to D:\Zequel\www).

4.Change the datadir under my.ini to the new location, (see step 1) (ex: datadir=d:\Zequel\data).

5.Using WordPad, open the file C:\Zequel\apache\conf\httpd.conf.

6.Use Find/Replace to replace C:\Zequel\www for the new location (ex: D:\Zequel\www). 

7.Replace only the following values under httpd.conf:

DocumentRoot "C:\Zequel\www"

<Directory "C:\Zequel\www">