You may also send and receive notification messages on the Notifications tab.  Follow these steps to send a message:


1.On the Notifications tab, click the Send Message link:



2.The Send Message screen will display:



3.Enter the user names or e-mail addresses of the individuals to whom you want to send the message in the To field, and the subject of the message in the Subject field.

4.Enter your message in the text area. 

5.When you are satisfied with your message, press Send.

6.When the confirmation message appears, click the link to return to the Notifications tab.


On the Notifications tab, you will see a list of messages under the Message Center if someone has sent you a message.  Follow these steps to read and reply to a message:


1.Click on the link for the message you wish to read

2.Once you have read the message, click on the sender’s user name to reply:



3.Enter your reply in the text box, and then click Send. You will receive a confirmation screen indicating your message was sent.

4.You may change the message status at any time before or after you reply by selecting a new status (Pending or Close) and pressing Change. The system will file your message or will delete it based on your selection: