The Notifications screen (formerly called Alerts) is where DynamicPolicy™ users and administrators can report problems, or communicate comments or concerns about policies to a particular department, all departments, or a specific user.  The user or department that receives the alert can respond to the communication using the Alert Center (in the Management section).


Additionally, you may send messages to other users from the Notifications screen.  Notification messages behave like e-mail, where you can specify one or more e-mail addresses to receive the notification message.


Even DynamicPolicy™ users who do not have their own e-mail address can send messages and alerts from the Notifications screen, and can receive notification messages from other users.


You may send two categories of messages using the Notifications screen:  alerts and messages.   Follow these steps to compose and send an alert:


1.On the DynamicPolicy™ main screen, click the Notifications tab, click send alert.

2.Select a Subject from the drop-down list.

3.In the text box, type your question or comment about a policy.

4.Press Send to submit your alert.  The person responsible for the particular subject will contact you via e-mail or a call: