If the policy has a quiz attached, you can take it now, or return to the policy using the Back function of your browser to review the policy before taking the quiz.  Follow these steps to take a quiz:


Note: You may take a quiz as many times as necessary until you pass it. You cannot accept a policy until you have passed the quiz.  After you pass the quiz, you may not re-take it. The application tracks your number quiz attempts, and reports this on management reports.


1.Read each question and select the response you think is the best answer.

2.After you complete all the quiz questions, press Finish:



3.The next screen displays your quiz score and tells you if you have passed the quiz.

4.If you did not pass, review the policy and re-take the quiz.

5.After passing the quiz, click the check box by Acceptance.

6.Press OK:



7.A message confirming your acceptance of the policy will then display: