The Main View screen provides you access to your personalized policy content. The screen is divided into four main sections (boxes):



Pending Policies lists all of the policies that are pending for a particular user to read, understand and accept.  The policies which appear in this section are based on the User Name logged in.  These policies have been published and approved by company management.


Documents provides several options for users to view documents:


Bookmarks are a user-generated list of policies of interest to the user.  These may be commonly referenced policies so the user has quick and easy access to them.  There is no limit to the number of policies that may be added to this list.

My Reports displays a list of all of the user’s policies, whether accepted or pending.

Last 10 Policies displays the ten most recently published policies.

Table of Contents provides access to all published policies accessible to the user.


Search provides a powerful search engine which enables users to find a specific policy or procedure.  You can search by word, keyword, subject or field, with the option of filtering with Boolean searches.  You may also choose the number of rows to display for your search results, from 10 to 100 rows per page.


News contains articles related to the company such as events, seminars, and general corporate announcements.