The Application Logs option allows you to view logs of user activity in DynamicPolicy™ for all users or selected users in your organization during a specified time period.


Follow these steps to set search parameters and view application logs:


1.Go to Management | Administration and select Application Logs. The Application Logs screen will display.

2.Select the beginning and ending dates (inclusive) for the activity log.

3.Enter a user name, or, to include all users, leave the default “%” sign.

4.Select the section of the application for which you want to view user activity:  Groups, Users, Sections (document folders), and Management.

5.Select the number of results (rows) to be displayed on each results page (from 10 to 100).

6.Press Search:



7.The results page will display, showing the User name, the modified parameter, message (description of transaction), and date/time of the transaction.