Your company can customize DynamicPolicy™ by enabling or disabling selected application modules (Alerts and News) and functions (User Profile/Password management) under Modules Administration.


If you prefer not to use the Alerts and News modules, you may disable them (either one or both).  When disabled, these functions will not be visible to your users.  The modules may be enabled at any time should you decide you wish to use them in your implementation of DynamicPolicy™.


Additionally, you may choose to provide application users in your organization the ability to maintain their own User Profiles and passwords.  By enabling the My Profile function, you can select the options that users have the ability to change (Password, Full Name, Email, and Contact Information). When enabled, the My Profile menu appears on the main policy page, visible to users after they log in to DynamicPolicy™.


You may disable selected fields or the My Profile feature at any time. Follow these steps to manage modules:


1.Go to Management | Administration and select Preferences.

2.Under Server Options, select Modules Administration. The Server screen will be displayed.

3.Click the check box by the module name you wish to include in your DynamicPolicy™ implementation; to deselect a checked module, click the check box so that it is blank.

4.To enable the My Profile function or any part of it, click its check box. Then select fields you wish to allow users to change in their profile.

5.Press Save to save your changes, then press Close to return to the Preferences screen: