You may use SMTP protocol to enable the automatic and manual e-mail notification of reviewers, approvers and policy audiences during the policy review, approval, and publication processes.  When SMTP notification is enabled, any groups or individuals designated to review, approve, or read policies will receive an e-mail notification when the policy moves from one stage to another.  Additionally, you can elect to send notifications of new Alerts to the individuals designated to receive Alerts.  You may also specify the default e-mail system to be used for sending notifications in DynamicPolicyTM. If your organization uses Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook, you have the option of using your e-mail system or defaulting to the DynamicPolicyTM e-mail system.


To enable SMTP protocol, follow these steps:


1.Go to Management | Administration and select Preferences.

2.Under Server Options, select Email (SMTP). The Server window will be displayed:



3.Select SMTP to enable the protocol.

4.Enter the URL and port number of your SMTP server.

5.Press Save to save the setting.


Follow these steps to enable e-mail notification:


1.On the Server window, select Advanced:



2.Select the options you prefer for Email Review, Approval, and Audience and Email Alert.  You may select one or more notification options.  These options will be in effect for all policies.

3.To select Outlook or Notes as the e-mail system that will be used for sending and receiving notifications, check the Outlook/Notes/Others checkbox.  If you leave the box unchecked, the default is the DynamicPolicy e-mail client.

4.Press Save.


Follow these steps to test the e-mail notification feature:


1.On the Server window, select Test:



2.Enter the From and To e-mail addresses to test.

3.Click Test. A message will display if the test is successful.