Another means of setting up new users in DynamicPolicy™ is by enabling Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) in the Preferences section of the Administration function.  When LDAP is enabled, DynamicPolicy™ automatically sets up a user profile for an individual when the user first logs in to the application with his or her company-issued user name and password. 


With LDAP authentication, any authorized company computer user may access DynamicPolicy™ to read and accept policies.  If a user leaves the company, or if his or her company computer access is terminated for some reason, the user will not be able to log in to DynamicPolicy™.  Users who require access to DynamicPolicy™ to create or manage policies must have their profiles updated manually with appropriate permissions.

Enable LDAP Synchronization for User Accounts


The LDAP synchronization option allows you to specify when user names, e-mail addresses, and inactive accounts will be synchronized between DynamicPolicy™ and your company’s directory.  You may choose which elements of a user’s directory information are synchronized, and whether the synchronization is performed automatically at Log in, or only when the system administrator manually requests synchronization of all user accounts.


To enable LDAP synchronization, follow these steps:


1.Go to Management | Administration.

2.Click Users. The Existing Users screen appears.

3.Click Synchronize.

4.The synchronization dialog box will appear.  Click the LDAP – Synchronize check box and click the check boxes for the options that you want to be synchronized (to select all fields, click Select all. To deselect all fields (if checked), click Reset all:



5.Selecting the At Log in option will cause all user data selected to be synchronized with the directory services every time the user logs in to DynamicPolicy™.  Leaving this option blank means that synchronization will occur only when the system administrator manually requests synchronization.

6.Press Save to save the selections.

7.To manually synchronize LDAP entries with DynamicPolicy™ user information, click Synchronize.

8.Then press the Synchronize button to synchronize all user accounts with LDAP: