You can also add users to DynamicPolicy™ by importing User Names from a user directory or external file.  This enables you to maintain consistent User Names across your company’s systems, and reduces the amount of data entry effort to add names to the application.


To import User Names from external sources, follow these steps:


1.Go to Management | Administration.

2.Click Users.

3.Click Import:



To import a file of User Names, complete the information requested:


1.Press Browse to specify the file containing the user names.

2.Indicate how data fields in each record are delimited or terminated (e.g., by a comma, period, slash, etc.).

3.Indicate whether data fields are enclosed by any punctuation marks or special characters.

4.Specify the characters that identify the end of each line or record.

5.Specify the names of the columns (fields).

6.Press Save:



The system will verify and display the data according to your specifications. 


1.If the data displays correctly, click Import.

2.If the data does not display as intended, click Cancel.

3.Check and revise the specifications and file format as necessary, and try again to import the file.