If you try to add a new user but receive the message “the user name already exists,” and you cannot see the User Name on the existing user list, the User Name may be inactive. Click “inactive” and then press Search. If the user is inactive, you will need to create a new unique User Name, since duplicate user names are not allowed.


1.Go to Management | Administration.

2.Click Users:



3.On the Existing Users menu, click Add:



4.Complete the information requested in the Add New User section:



5.The box “User must change password at next log in” is automatically checked when a new user is set up.  When users log in to DynamicPolicy™ for the first time, they will be prompted to change the password to one of their choice.

6.Assign Permissions to each user.   See the definitions under Assign User Permissions to determine the appropriate assignments.

7.Press Save to save the new User Name and information, or Reset to start over.