The DynamicPolicy™ system administrator is responsible for creating, maintaining, and deleting User Names and Passwords, individual permissions to access specific system functions, and groups of users.  The system administrator may also customize the application by selecting the language in which the screens will be displayed, and by adding your company’s logo to the application.


All system administration functions are accessed by going to the Management tab and selecting Administration.


Each DynamicPolicy™ user must have a unique User Name and Password.  You must create an individual User Name for every employee who will have access to DynamicPolicy™.


Groups are categories of users that may be established to separate employee roles, responsibilities, and access to specific application functions.  Groups may be set up for divisions or departments (e.g., Accounting, Human Resources, etc.), or they may be functionally based (policy editors, reviewers, approvers, etc.).  Individual Users Names are then assigned to one or more groups based on their position/department or functional role with respect to policy creation or use.


DynamicPolicy™ may be configured to provide a “public view” that gives users limited access to read documents from a public interface without logging in to the application.  If your organization enables this feature, you must set up a “guest” account (see the section Create guest user accounts).


The following sections provide instructions for setting up and managing User Names and Groups.